2011 CTI Start-up Label

coupe ORRedElec gets the 2011 CTI Start-up Label

This label issued by a panel of renowned experts confirms that the business plan of RedElec has a real chance on the market. It rewards a Swiss company active especially in the field of biotechnology which has potential for sustainable growth and offers a hardly copyable innovative technology.

2011 Zürich Climatic Award

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RedElec gets the 3rd place at the 2011 Zurich Climate Awards

Through the Climate Prize, Zürich reinvests the distribution of the carbon tax in sustainable and ecological projects. Zürich searches applicable projects that contribute to reduce the content of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere or lead behavioral changes in this regard.

Top 100 Start-up Award

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RedElec enters the Top 100 Start-up of Switzerland

This annual ranking is done by Venturelab and IFJ, based on the votes of 100 experts. RedElec integrates the top 100 in 2012, placing itself 92nd best Swiss Start-up.

2013 SME Award

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RedElec was awarded the 2013 prize for SMEs

The SMEs award, given every two years, encourages entrepreneurial engagement in small and medium enterprises. This year, the award is given to nine start-ups which excel in their field of application. The award pays special attention to encourage entrepreneurship and support the pioneers of innovation. RedElec gets the award for the development of a new technology to perform electrochemical redox transformations.

2008 Debiopharm Award

coupe ORRedElec was awarded the 2008 Debiopharm prize

he 2008 Debiopharm award rewards Dr. David Crettenand and RedElec Technology SA. This award is given annually to an innovative achievement in the field of life sciences. RedElec gets in 2008 mainly for the development of an innovative dyeing technique for denim.

2014 ASC Award

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RedElec was awarded by the 2014 ASC Prize

LThe Swiss Association of Managers aims to regroup, within each defined region, the managers from all economic sectors in Switzerland. On March 20, the ASC (Association Suisse des Cadres) commitee awarded three people.
The prize of innovation and technology has rewarded David Crettenand, chemist Dr. and director of RedElec Technology SA, for its innovative and environmentally friendly electrochemical process in the dyeing process of cotton for the denim industry.