RedElec Technologie SA is a company founded in June 2007. This company is a spin-off of the Federal Polytechnic University of Zürich (ETHZ), which operates an innovative electrochemical process developed in this institution. RedElec is established in Switzerland, in the municipality of Riddes, at the heart of the Valais Alps.

The company is currently headed by Dr. David Crettenand (chemist ETH), supported by The Ark Foundation and accompanied by the CTI Start-up.

RedElec Technologie SA develops and markets a new technology to perform electrochemical redox transformations at the best economic and environmental costs, directly on the production site. The electrochemical reduction of indigo aqueous suspension is the first industrial application of the process developed by RedElec Technologie SA. The reduction of insoluble indigo leads to leuco-indigo which is a soluble species. This transformation is a necessary step in the process of dyeing cotton for the denim industry. The solution proposed by RedElec Technologie SA allows the production of the dye directly on the production site of denim, so directly on the point of use. In comparison with the currently used processes in the denim industry, this solution is more economical and environmentally friendly.

On mandates of chemical, pharmaceutical, agrochemical and biotechnology industries, we study the electrochemical alternative for redox transformation steps. We perform process optimization in the laboratory and conduct the scale-up to the industrial level. We develop and supply facilities for industrial production