On mandates of chemical, pharmaceutical, agrochemical and biotechnology industries, we study the electrochemical alternative for redox transformation steps. We perform process optimization in the laboratory and conduct the scale-up to the industrial level. We develop and supply facilities for industrial production.

The scale-up is a study of an electrochemical process at different scales.

The first phase of development is performed on a small size electrochemical cell, representing a scale of about 1: 500 relative to the industrial cell: the "micro cell". This first phase allows studying the feasibility of the electrochemical process in its entirety.

A second electrochemical cell, the "Mini cell", representing a scale of about 1: 5 relative to the industrial cell allows a more detailed study of the process. The notion of performance can then be addressed. The observation of the results led to the optimization of the electrochemical process.

Finally, the last phase of the study and development is carried out on an industrial size cell. This step allows the verification of the electrochemical process on an industrial scale and the calculation of the actual performance of the installation