When electrochemistry rhymes with ecology

The local newspaper Le Nouvelliste dedicates an article to RedElec Technology SA, winner of the 2008 Debiopharm award. Meeting with David Crettenant, director of RedElec, Bertrand Ducrey, CEO of Debio, and Jean-Claude Villettaz jury member.

RedElec enters the Top 100 Start-up of Switzerland

This annual ranking is done by Venturelab and IFJ, based on the votes of 100 experts. It selects the 100 most innovative and promising swiss Start-up, among more than 100,000 young companies. RedElec integrates the top 100 in 2012, placing itself 92nd best Swiss Start-up.

RedElec was awarded the 2013 prize for SMEs

The SMEs award, given every two years, encourages entrepreneurial engagement in small and medium enterprises. This year, the award is given to nine start-ups which excel in their field of application.

RedElec was awarded by the 2014 ASC prize

The Swiss Association of Managers aims to regroup, within each defined region, the managers from all economic sectors in Switzerland. On March 20, the ASC (Association Suisse des Cadres) commitee awarded three people.

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