RedElec Technologie inaugurates its industrial facility in Bergamo

The SME RedElec Technologie, a former start-up of The Ark incubator, has just completed the establishment of a pilot industrial installation in Bergamo, Italy. This makes it possible to produce, thanks to an electrochemical process, the indigo dye necessary for the manufacture of jeans. It’s an important first step in the life of the company and one of the culmination of an adventure that started eight years ago.

RedElec was awarded the 2008 Debiopharm prize

The 2008 Debiopharm award rewards Dr. David Crettenand and RedElec Technology SA. This award is given annually to an innovative achievement in the field of life sciences. RedElec gets in 2008 mainly for the development of an innovative dyeing technique for denim.

The Cleantech that can crunch the world

Valais Valeur Ajoutée, the journal of the local economy devotes a double page to RedElec Technology SA. Meeting with its director Dr. David Crettenand, who presents his personal path and the evolution of its company.

Electrical jeans

The local newspaper Le Nouvelliste dedicates a whole page to the company RedElec Technology SA for its innovation to revolutionize the dyeing of the famous pants. Meeting with Dr. David Crettenand, director of the company.

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